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Local Coordinator Program - The New Frontier

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Do you have a passion for Liberty? Do you want to make your region a freer place? Do you see yourself as a leader in your local area? Do you want to acquire new knowledge, get communicational and organising skills while having an amazing time with like-minded students from around the world?

Look no further!

When, in 2011, a group of young students with strong beliefs in free market and individual liberty gathered and started discussing the possibilities of starting European Students For Liberty, an organisation that was unfamiliar in Europe and just started running successfully in the United States, many were skeptical.

Only two years later, the demand for ESFL programs grew enough that we launched our first Local Coordinator Program. A program where we aimed at empowering the brightest, most passionate and ambitious students who shared the ideas of liberty. Our idea was to give them as much knowledge about the ideas, but, additionally to that, to provide them with a quality training which would help them not only understand these ideas better, but give them means, skills and resources to promote these ideas as effectively as possible among their peers, in their universities, cities, regions. We were looking to not only expand our network, but invest in the future and create a pool of talents of future leaders, writers, policy makers, academics, politicians, artists, businessmen, that would bring a freer and more prosperous future to the Old continent.

We managed to create a curriculum and a program that not only keeps the students engaged defending the ideas of liberty, but adds to the formal education skills that make students better community organisers, activists, public speakers and, we in ESFL like to believe, better people. It helps students garner skills that will make them powerful activists for ideas, but help them in their professional development as well, making them far ahead many of their peers on the job market for the skills they learned during the program.

2016 is the year where we are making a giant leap forward. Due to unprecedented interest in the events ESFL has been organising and specifically the Local Coordinator Program, European Students For Liberty are announcing that we will be accepting the applications for our biggest leadership program in continuity, on the rolling basis!

We are ready to welcome you to our most comprehensive and exciting training so far. We have prepared numerous readings, videos and other materials focusing on the theory of classical liberalism but also on the practical issues and professional skills development help our leaders not only in their work promoting freedom and responsibility, but empowering them and preparing them for their careers and giving them the opportunity to network with professors, entrepreneurs and other students from across the globe.

Together with hundreds of freedom activists from all over Europe, we will be working, learning, creating and shaping the future of liberalism in Europe in the months and years to come.

For anyone dreaming of a freer Europe, of open borders and freedom of movement, of less government spending, more individual liberty, less power in the hands of the bureaucrats and more in the hands of the individual, this is a call for you. If you are a student or a young graduate, if you firmly believe in the principles of liberty and want to find better ways to promote it and defend it - this is for you. It’s time to take liberty back!

Are you with us?


Here what our leaders have to say about their experience being a Local Coordinator across Europe!

Mariam Gogolishvili

We were born in an extraordinary era; there have been a lot of political and social changes in the world during last decades. Due to Students For Liberty the first active libertarian youth movement emerged and is already playing a crucial role in defending and promoting liberty worldwide. Thanks to SFL we find ourselves standing united on the right side of the history - changing the word to a freer place.

Christophe André

ESFL has given me the opportunity to travel and meet numerous liberty lovers from all over the world, but most importantly, it has empowered me and given me resources to fight for something I care: individual liberty. When I know that I have the support of the ESFL network, I feel capable of accomplishing things that I wouldn’t have thought myself capable only one year ago. What I love the most about ESFL is that we do not get involved in the dirty game of politics. We care about ideas and the spread of those ideas among the people that will shape tomorrow’s society: students.

Slobodan Franeta

It must be something amazing and unique to gather all great young minds across of Europe to fight for an idea, for liberty! Being 'Heralds of freedom’, as they call us in my country, means to think progressive, constructive and as a great leader not for those who will follow you but for those who will learn from you. I learned that by becoming a member of European Students For Liberty

Questions & Answers

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to message Liza Katsiashvili at his email

  • What is the Local Coordinator Program?

    Local Coordinator Program is the biggest program for liberty minded leaders in Europe! It is a unique program, which offers its leaders new knowledge, skills and opportunities to become best advocates of liberty in their regions. We focus on empowering each and everyone of our leaders helping them express their own views and advocate for them as effectively as possible.

    Shortly, we want to give you the means and resources to best promote and advocate for the issues you care about! 

  • Who can apply?

    European Students For Liberty aims to attract students and young graduates from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a social science student or maybe an engineer or physicist in the making, you are more than welcome to apply! You are not sure if you are eligible to apply? Shoot us an email and we will find the best way for you to get involved!

  • Who is running it?

    The program is run by students and young professionals with extensive experience in activism for liberty. We have a fantastic team of knowledgable activists from almost any European country as well as an extensive network of academics and entrepreneurs who work with us on creating quality content for our leaders.

  • When can I apply?

    You can apply at any point in time! However, you can expect that there will be certain deadlines in order to be eligible to attend some of the training and activities in the particular region. We are, however, welcoming your applications at any time!

  • Why should I invest my time in this?

    Each of us has different reasons for joining this program. Some of the more frequently mentioned are:

    To learn new ideas and get better theoretical background on the ideas of free market and individual liberty
    To acquire new skills in event organising, communication, development, marketing or activism for ideas
    To gather valuable experience later to be used in professional career
    To meet hundreds of different like-minded people from arrays of life
    To have easier access to resources for local activities promoting liberty
    To direct your passion about a certain issue in a meaningful way
    To gain access to different educational and work opportunities in the liberty movement
    To be recognised as a leader for liberty in your local area
    To change the perception about the issue you care about
    To make friends for life

    There are hundreds of others, but main and most important one should be - desire to make your University, city, region a freer and more prosperous place.

  • Where is the training going to happen?

    A unique experience that ESFL Local Coordinator Program is has been growing and changing each year and this is exactly the way we like it. We have been seeing new and better practices emerging constantly and we have been updating our programs with this in mind.

    The online training will be happening on an internet learning platform Udemy which allows each of our leaders to listen and view lectures at the convenience of their own home at a time you see fit.

    In person training for selected activists will be happening on the regional level, with all costs covered. In case you are invited to this gathering of leaders, you will be receiving all the information about the training after you complete the online course we have set up for you. 

  • That’s it?

    Not even close. After you have finished the program and officially started your Local Coordinator oddity, we have much more to offer to those who are interested. Advanced Communications Training, aimed at acquiring new communicational skills, Advanced Events Training, teaching how to organise and execute event, Development Training giving the basics in raising funds in the non-profit world, End The Drug War training aiming at helping students become better advocates for drug reform are just some of the trainings we offer at the moment. Our Marketing Team is there as well, in case you want to learn effective marketing skills and work on the promotion of these ideas.

  • How much time should I expect to invest in this?

    This really depends on you, your preferences and time management. By applying for the program, you are confirming that you are ready to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to ESFL activities. If you want to thrive, more is definitely recommended.

  • What do you expect me to do?

    We expect you to communicate with us on regular basis and follow short and simple procedures we have in place to keep our leaders accountable. Except that - we want you to work on the issues you percept as important. Do you care about Economics? We have dozens of students active in this field. You want to be an academic? We are constantly developing and upgrading program to help direct you closer to your goal. Do you care about social issues and individual liberty? We have students advocating for ideas of individual liberty all over Europe. Do you see your future in business? Thriving entrepreneurs are highly regarded and get a fantastic place to share ideas and find new inspiration and possible partners. As long as what you want to do promotes liberty - we want to help you in doing that by focusing on the issues you find to be the most valuable.

  • What are my costs?

    Your time and energy. But we like to consider it a valuable investment and so should you. European Students For Liberty, thanks to its fantastic sponsors and supporters makes sure that you do not suffer any financial cost for your activism in promoting liberty.

  • I really want to get involved but I have graduated a while back.

    No, not at all! You might want to check out our Alumni For Liberty program aiming at professionals passionate about the ideas of liberty and the work we are doing. You also might want to consider donating and sponsoring the new generations of leaders for liberty.

  • What can I do to find out more about the program?

    Visit If that doesn’t answer your question, feel free to reach out to Liza Katsiashvili (, ESFL Programs Associate or a leader close to you.

Do not miss your chance to apply today!

Become a part of the largest community of student leaders for liberty in the world.


The Perfect Place To Call Home

In the past half a decade, more than 450 leaders went through European Students For Liberty leadership programs. At the moment, more than 190 leaders in 45 European countries are part of the biggest international student movement for liberty. Only in the past year, more than 4,000 students attended our events. If you share ideas of free market and individual liberty, this truly is a place you can call home!